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ART OPENING: Vulnerable Ecologies, installation by Susan Stockwell (U.K.)
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Vulnerable Ecologies
A site specific installation by Susan Stockwell

May 8 - June 19, 2009
Main Gallery, Art League Houston

Opening Reception and Artist Talk
Friday, May 8, 2009 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Art League Houston
1953 Montrose Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77006

Houston, TX (March 23, 2009) Art League Houston is pleased to announce Vulnerable Ecologies, a site specific installation by acclaimed British sculptor Susan Stockwell. Made entirely from massive quantities of recycled computer components manipulated and transformed, Vulnerable Ecologies is Stockwell's first installation in Houston.

The opening reception for Vulnerable Ecologies is on Friday, May 8, 2009 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. with an artist talk at 6:30 p.m.

All the recycled computer components used in the installation are generously provided by the Houston electronic recycling company TechnoCycle.

In 2008, Susan Stockwell first began working with computer components in Taipei, creating the installation, B-side Ecology at the Hong's Foundation for Education and Culture. In Houston, Stockwell will further her investigation into this realm using recycled computers generously supplied by the Houston electronic recycling company TechnoCycle. At the conclusion of the exhibition the computers will be returned to the company to be recycled once again. Using recycled materials and then returning the materials to the original donor is an important element in Stockwell's work.

Highlighting the beauty of the recycled components, the forms created in Stockwell's installation resemble architectural forms and organic matter as they seep into the gallery space, surrounding us with a toxic exquisiteness. The dissected computers, with their innards exposed, reveal the underbelly of the machines we so heavily rely upon, an autopsy of our consumer society.

Accumulation, transformation, detritus, debris and the use of everyday materials are recurrent themes in the artist's work. Stockwell chooses industrial and domestic "commodity" materials because, in her words, they contain "stains of existence" and "act as ready made signifiers" which she can sculpt and interweave in ways that delicately reveal their obscured politics and hidden beauty.

Meticulously handcrafted, the benign, sublime beauty of her site specific works belies the devastating effect of our culture and our own role in shaping it. Upon closer observation of the work, one is confronted by a cultural urgency of global proportions. Political and cultural colonization, global waste, and mass consumption are reconfigured into a new festering eco system of meaning that slowly rises, much like our imperiled ocean levels.

Installation view of B-Side Ecology, Taipei, China, 2008

About the Artist
Susan Stockwell has a B.A. with Honors from Sheffield Hallam University and an M.A. from The Royal College of Art, London. She has exhibited her work across the globe including the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Royal Society of British Sculptors in London, National Museum of China in Beijing, China, Shenghua Art Center in Nanjing, China, Finesilver Gallery in San Antonio, and the Neuberger Museum of Art in New York. Her work is in notable permanent collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Binghampton Art Museum, Shenghua Art Centre, and the Christopher and Georgia Erk Collection. Stockwell's many honors include a 2007 Taiwan-England Artists Fellowship Programme grant from the British Council, Council of England and the Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan; multiple Surrey Institute of Art and Design Research and Development awards, and a Bursary Award from The Royal Society of British Sculptures. The artist has been written about extensively in ARTFORUM, Art on Paper, FIBERARTS, The London Guardian, and The Taipei Times, among others and she has been interviewed on B.B.C. Radio London and B.B.C. Scotland T.V. Stockwell has taught extensively in the U.K., America, and Taiwan and is presently a part-time Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at The School of Art and Architecture at the University of East London.

About TechnoCycle
As a technology recycling solutions provider in Houston for 15 years, TechnoCycle enables corporations and individuals to responsibly dispose of unwanted computers and electronics. Committed to protecting the environment of the Earth as an EPA registered facility, TechnoCycle's policies, aims, and activities are carried out in a manner that does not exploit the global community and follows ethical business practices. Visit them online at
http://www.technocycle.com .
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